Smeerlapp is a thoroughbred musician. He went straight from the cradle to guitar and drumsticks, cultivating musical expertise in his parents garage. Today he owns a Bachelor in audio engineering and works as a producer from his laboratory, the Smeer-Labs. In the past years he made himself known in the Drum&Bass scene with his neck-breaking productions. Most of his music is distributed through Labels like Hanzom Music, ProgRam and Lifestyle music which are a perfect match for an ambitious musician like Smeerlapp. What better way to develop your own skillset than helping others developing their skills? That’s why Smeerlapp made it his task to provide young (and not so young) students with everything they need to become a producer. As a teacher he offers courses for DnB or other melodic productions. He even teaches guitar and drums, if interested. As if that wouldn’t be enough he works as an Audio Engineer specialized on mixing and mastering. His clients are mainly other labels and musicians which opened the doors for many noisy collaborations.