Manta – Splinter EP (ft. Smeerlapp & Kid Age)


01 Manta & Smeerlapp – Destiny
02 Manta – No Matter What
03 Manta – Splinter (ft. Kid Age)
04 Manta – Shutdown



Once there was a bloodthirsty creature living deep in the jungle. Humanity was frightened and so they tried to calm the creature down. A huge temple was built right above the caves where the existence of the monster was first discovered as no living thing was ever seen again after entering this particular part of the jungle.
But nothing changed and even after starting to sacrifice their harvest, farm animals and even ritual chosen villagers, the creature didn’t stop to take their tribute.
One night the witchdoctor called the ancient gods, that were always holding their hands above the village until the creature appeared, to ask them for advice. They perceived his appeal and offered him a solution to extinguish the monster threatening them.
Whenever the creature would appear out of their cave to attack any of the villagers, their possessions or structures, they would cover it in sharp splinters, appearing out of nothing, making it cry in pain. But of course, there is a demand the village needs to fulfill to receive the protection offered.
The claim that was made by the gods was simpler than most villagers expected, not containing any claims for human sacrifices or comparable but to provide two temple workers with drums at any time, and whenever the monster would come outside, they should beat the drums in a fast rhythm. The witchdoctor was confused, but he agreed to the offer and from that day on made sure, that the temple was always occupied.
After the creature appeared and got covered in sharp splinters, and the workers beat the drums, the villagers realized there was an incomparable rhythm emerging from the combination of the cries in pain of the creature and the drums. Now they could understand the demand of the gods, as they couldn’t stop moving to the incredible rhythm and power the newly created art triggered deep in their minds and body’s.


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