Panic Room RMXD – Room 1


01 ID (Noizesplitter Remix)
02 Perception (Finalfix Remix)
03 No Way Out (Transforma Remix)
04 Never Let You Down (Smeerlapp Remix)


You surely remember the “Panic Room EP” by BorkerBrothers we released in 2020!? Let’s introduce you to the next release on Hanzom which is a really big one because we got the chance to bring together 8 amazing producers from around the world to remix these tunes into a massive double Remix EP.

With outstanding remixes/interpretations by Moytra, Smeerlapp, Notequal, Finalfix, Transforma, Noizesplitter, Kidsonic and Surge!

New artists have added incredible new aspeects to an already astonishing piece of music. From future halftime vibes to minimalistic and classic deep to minimal and technoid neurofunk as well as the more harder side of drum and bass – This EP´s caters for every music taste.

BorkerBrothers: „This is one of our greatest moment until now, so many talented artist recreate our songs and put their mind into it. We are very humbled and exited about this project, every remix has his own attitude to look for.“


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