BorkerBrothers – Panic Room EP


01 BorkerBrothers & Surge ft. BLKJuzo – ID
02 BorkerBrothers – Perception
03 BorkerBrothers & Smeerlapp – No Way Out
04 BorkerBrothers ft. Niila – Never Let You Down


BorkerBrothers are back on the label!
After successfull releases in 2019 like their „Testament EP“ with Smeerlapp, the „Hanzom Remix EP“ and their „All My Friends Are Criminals EP“ they are back with a real game changer 4-track EP in collaboration with great musicians Smeerlapp, Surge, Niila and BLKJuzo.
Panic Room EP was shaped for a while and it’s finally here and we can say it’s a big milestone for the brothers. A very fresh and powerful sound shows their production skills which is constantly growing to new levels.


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