Hanzom Artists – Best Of 2020 LP


01 BorkerBrothers & Surge ft. BLKJuzo – ID
02 Art1fact – Hostage
03 Finalfix – Under My Skin
04 Jestah – Next Time
05 Kidsonic – Liquify
06 Smeerlapp – Clickbait
07 A K A – Divide
08 Hybert Phillips – In My Head
09 Frank Lemon ft. Novy – Out Of Control
10 Razlom – Devastate
11 Cranium & Confusion – Switch
12 Shadow Sect & Loop Stepwalker ft. Jordi Calvino – RVLTN


What an absolutely mindblowing year 2020 that was for the music industry.. in both positiv and as well negative way.
For us it’s no option to stop releasing music. Music is forever and we won’t let the virus get us down so we put together a massive LP with the BEST OF 2020 of all the great Hanzom artists from this year.


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