Sinister Souls – Arrival in the Future / Never 2 Late (w/ TR Tactics)


Limited by the seeming finitude of possibilities embedded in the code of the universe, our values and priorities have been taking shape for centuries. We look back and learn. We look fourward and plan. Life is short so we learn to appreciate what appears in our lifetime. There have always been questions surrounding the transience of our existence, and the answers have always been the same. Until now…
Somewhere in Holland, a young man obsessed with sound waves accidentally cracked the code of the universe in the midst of what will be known as the most productive sound design session of all time, allowing him to travel to the future and back to the present. With this newfound power, there is no telling how much change will be caused to the world as we know it. This sword will slice the values attached to their corresponding limits and prove its double-edgedness. If you can manipulate time, then you can never be too late…



Hanzom presents the latest release of the mighty Sinister Souls! A name that should ring a bell if you are familiar with the dark side of Drum and Bass. After collaborating with Finalfix for the previous release (Omnigod), he now returns to the label with none other than TR Tactics. Get ready for an adventure because both tracks will have your imagination running wild!


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