Brain Wave & Vecster – Battlefield / Spirit Of The Machine


01 Brain Wave & Vecster – Battlefield
02 Brain Wave & Vecster – Spirit Of The Machine



In a rough and rocky desert, the horizon darkened by rugged mountaintops and black smoke, there’s a threatening vibration taking control of everything in its reach. To dangerous for humans to even be near, there lies the battlefield, host for an endless war. When the machines overcame their human creators, they inherited their spirits and became intelligent as well as they begun to feel emotions. At the close an endless war broke out and made a lot of them suffer, so an anthem for the war, needed to be created.

So we literally get taken to the ‚Battlefield‘ on the first stunning track, and explore the ‚Spirit of the Machine‘ on the second one.
The newest release on Hanzom Music by Brain Wave & Vecster rolls in banging! The collaboration of these upcoming artists from Sant Petersburg really gave us two incredibly rolling, well thought-out neurofunk masterpieces.


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