AKOV – Mollusk / Anomaly


At no point in history has the world been a safe place but never before has there been a threat of this magnitude. Anomalies and mutations are frequent occurences in evolution that can make for an interesting development of life. This time, however, these developments took a turn for the worse! A giant half-bear, half-mullosk monster appeared in the streets of Vienna and it is wreaking havoc everywhere it goes. Increasingly drastic attempts have been made by the military in order to optimise prevention and damage control but any type of direct attacks have all been in vain. Nobody knows where the beast came from or what it actually wants, the only thing we know is: This thing is unstoppable!



This month we present music from none other than AKOV! A name every neurofunk listener should be familiar with as he has been putting out hard-hitting drum and bass tunes for the past decade. After having released on labels such as Blackout, Eatbrain, Program and Symbiotik, the Vienna-based producer is expanding his discography with a magnificent release on Hanzom! “Mullosk/Anomaly” will be out on June 30th!


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