Hybert Phillips – Cybercrime EP (ft. Maykors)


01 Hybert Phillips – Cybercrime
02 Hybert Phillips – Technical
03 Hybert Phillips – Riptide
04 Hybert Phillips – Data Theft
05 Hybert Phillips – Skyward (Maykors Remix)



Its the year 2050, technology has risen up. Humanity is heavily depending on digital infrastructure. The cyberspace is the place where social life happens, decisions are made, money flows. But when its about money, crime is not far away.
Criminals are almost never seen on streets anymore, cybercrime is the main source of charges filed by law enforcement. Data theft, stolen crypto currency, and the anonymity of the cyberspace made the best of the best feel like they could even reach skywards and take on the technical network of the national space institution.

Hybert Phillips returns to the label after his debut single in 2019. You might expect that hefty midbass pressure when we talk about russian neurofunk but Hybert Phillips coming with fresh new sound! A techy and futuristic 5-track EP featuring a badass Remix by Maykors.


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