Sinister Souls & Finalfix – Omnigod


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Legend has it that somewhere in the ruins of a forgotten city an ancient golem has been asleep for millions of years, recharging and collecting the immense amount of life force it needs to fulfill its monumental tasks. It is said that when the golem awakens from its slumber, waves of energy will be felt throughout the world. It will hold the power to terraform and create new lifeforms, to bend time and space, but also to destroy.

Many travellers of the drum and bass realm have tried to find this ancient city but nobody ever succeeded. Until something changed. One day, waves of energy started pulsating all over the world, calling all lifeforms with an inexcplicable yet primitive way of communicating. Having heard about the tale of the Omnigod, Sinister Souls and Finalfix teamed up to follow the waves to their source in order to find the lost city and the golem. Find out what happens when they arrive…


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