Bons ft. Soldierr – Chernobyl EP


01 Bons – Toxic Waste
02 Bons – Hazard
03 Bons – Fusion
04 Bons ft. Soldierr – Chernobyl


“In the early morning hours of rainy april days in  1986, there was a lot of toxic waste glowing in dark and ground surrounding an ukrainian city. The people living around the atomic reactor were not aware of the hazard they were in. They had no idea an ongoing fusion in the atomic reactor close to them would change their life forever soon. The reactor explosion on 26. april 1986 made an impact on the whole world’s view onto atomic power. Chernobyl is still considered as the biggest atomic catastrophe worldwide.
After years of regeneration and isolation of a huge area finally some life is coming back to the radioactive places.”

*In memory of the victims and relatives*


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