Finalfix – The Devil´s Advocate: Forsaken




Finalfix returns to the label with the highly anticipated second part in his Devil’s Advocate series. The “Forsaken EP” features four moody tracks with a dark and biblical theme accompanied by relentless drums and reese basses with that Finalfix signature we all love so much. Enjoy!


Once, there was a fallen angel who had been banished from the heavenly realms for his insatiable thirst for power and rebellion against the divine order. This angel had once been a powerful force of good, a being of pure light. But now, he walked the earth, his wings crimson and corrupted and his halo made of chains.
Despite his fall from grace, this fallen angel still retained the knowledge and wisdom of the heavens. He understood the intricate workings of life, of creation and destruction, of love and pain. He could see the threads that connected all living beings and the delicate balance of the universe.
As he walked the earth, the very air seemed to ignite around him, flames trailing in his wake as a harbinger of destruction. Those who crossed his path trembled in fear, sensing the sheer force of chaos that emanated from his being. Consumed by hatred and fueled by his desire for revenge, the angel unleashed hellfire upon the world, scorching everything in its path with an infernal fury that left only ash in its wake.
The world lay in ruin around him, a desolate wasteland devoid of life. And in that dark and lingering moment, as the last embers of his hellfire flickered out, he realized the true cost of his vengeance. He knew he was lost.


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