Agressor Bunx – Phantom EP




Hanzom is very proud to announce the return of Ukrainian power duo Agressor Bunx to the label! Since way back in 2009, the fraternal coalition have been tearing up the Neuro scene from the inside out. In 2022, the dynamic duo officially joined the Hanzom family with high-speed super smasher Supersonic, which they promptly expanded into the four-track Frozen Orb EP last year and are now following up, with their newest offering, the Phantom EP! Four stellar Neuro shellers, ranging from horifically creepy to straight-up filthy, just like the doctor ordered.


Another Saturday evening with nothing to do in this godforsaken town. Well, tonight’s different. Tonight, my easily spooked brother and I decided to face our, or more specifically his, deepest fears, by checking out the abandoned mine shaft near Old Jenkins’ farm. Nobody has dared to go near that ramshackle labyrinthian tunnel system ever since that kook ran out onto the town square screaming bloody murder about seeing a “Phantom” in there. That nutjob couldn’t fool us though. Tonight, we, the infamous Agressor Bunx, will see what treasures he is hiding in that cave, ghastly spectral Voyagers be damned!

As the clock strikes midnight, we arrive at the mine, flashlights in hand. Slowly but surely, we make our way through the increasingly difficult-to-overcome barriers, going from police tape to cobwebs and, the further we go, all the way up to heavy debris, Breaking Up anything that comes our way, no matter how Filthy. Sure, it’s a bit creepy and my brother is positively freaking out, but I’ve seen worse. Eventually, we stumble upon a room absolutely overflowing with riches, to the point I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. We hit the jackpot! Wait, speaking of “we”, where has that little scamp run off to? I turn around, only to see a thick cloud of dust where my brother had stood, a burning hot, piercing gaze staring into my soul and a wide-open, gaping chasm opening up to swallow me whole alike. The Phantom had claimed another two victims.


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