Shant Madenjian is a music producer hailing from Bruges, Belgium. What started out around 2010 as making melodies for fun eventually resulted into a more serious approach to heavy bass music. Being heavily inspired by dramatical musical pieces, melancholy, but also the likes of Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Billain, The Gorillaz and even Daft Punk, Finalfix had a clear goal to make heavy and touching music. After years of making many liquid drum and bass tunes with occasional hard-hitters, Finalfix signed his first contract in 2016 and a couple of other releases followed that year. From then on things only got more serious and alot of time went into research and practice. In 2020, Finalfix participated in the Katharsys Metallicity remix competition and won first place, ensuring a release on Othercide Records and their Metallicity remix EP’s among the very people who inspire Finalfix such as Billain, Current Value, Disprove, Donny, etc. The “Tremors EP”, which was released on Hanzom Music back in 2020, was another important release since it ignited the support of his biggest inspirations, Noisia. A close co-operation followed with the German label and now Finalfix brings you the latest addition to his repertoire; A remix of BorkerBrother’s “Perception”. The track was played on VISION Radio and you can listen to it on SoundCloud.