Cristian and Giulio joined the forces together focusing on Neurofunk and hard Drum & Bass music. Moved by true friendship and commitment to the dnb scene they found the perfect way to merge their different attitudes and music style creating a brand new sound that takes inspiration from both hardcore, drum and bass, metal and experimental electronic music in a pyrotechnical sound and performance on the stage. In 2013 they debut show took place at the first Therapy Session Italian chapter alongside Panacea and Cooh. After their debut ep called „MONSTA“ released in early october 2018 on Close2Death Recordings and releases on DRUMATCH and the mighty PRSPCT Recordings in 2019 they are actually very busy in the studio with working on their first full length album that will include collaborations with the most wanted and respected artist in the scene like: Dope D.O.D., Hallucinator, Sinister Souls, Gancher & Ruin, LucyFurr, Cyberpunkers, Delimit and more legendary talented pioneer musicians and, naturally, a bunch of original bangers.