OMNEUM – Deep Dive EP (ft. Finalfix)


This product includes wav + mp3 files of the EP



Hanzom presents the “Deep Dive” EP by Serbian producer OMNEUM. This young and promising musician crafted a beautiful piece of art with eloquent storytelling, an esoteric theme and a collaboration with none other than Finalfix. This is how we start 2023 properly.


The world has strayed too far from its intended form. Chaos is ruler and imbalance is omnipresent. To bring back order and balance to this world, the sacred beings known as “Watchers” created the chosen angel and her counterpart. When these two souls meet and connect, their duty is to perform the Souldance. This sacred dance allows the chosen ones to reach a state of Resonance. This state, overflowing with energy, power and synchronicity, is the necessary force to power the”Deep Dive”, which can be described as the ability to travel to all different versions of the present, including the past and future present, and restore the balance in all of them.


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