Finalfix – The Devil´s Advocate: Arrival




“After lurking in the deep for centuries, siphoning on the thoughts of many as he whispers to the damned and to the broken on whom he feeds, instilling despair that breaks his bonds, to those who feed him with angst and desire, the shackles have finally been broken!”

As a master of disguise, he finds endless ways into the lives of man, with evil intent as the main gate and seemingly harmlessness as the backdoor. They say idle hands are the devil’s tools, no matter who they belong to. Another of such tools was Eve’s naïvité, which led her to taste the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Like a moth to a flame, needing only that gentle tongue to guide her towards mortality.

Hanzom presents the first part of “The Devil’s Advocate” EP series by Finalfix. With the devil as the main theme, and biblical tales as an inspiration for the musical setting, the “Arrival” EP showcases storytelling combined with hard uncompromising beats.


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