Drumago feat. MC Unredd – Mayhem


This product includes wav + mp3 files of the EP



Hanzom welcomes two new names from the depths of south Germany to its roster, Drumago and deathcore vocalist MC Unredd! Whether as a DJ setting ablaze dancefloors all over the country or as the mastermind behind the Ellemination label and the Ellement club and event series, Drumago has been already been an integral part of the scene since way back in 2012, but ever since the pandemic and the advent of his very own hard-hitting, Crossbreed-Neurofunk productions, he’s truly become a force to be reckoned with. After Screamfunk, the first monstrous tune infused with the truly diabolical vocal talents of German Deathcore band Unredd’s frontman vocalist, the ungodly combo returns to deliver nothing short of pure armageddon, with Mayhem. To quote MC Unredd: Hell is a place on earth.


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