Growing up in Graz/Austria Frank Lemon was always interested in the underground genres of electronic music. Piano lessons and several attempts to make electronic music at the age of 12 never really sparked his interest. After seeing ‘Spor’ perform at his very first rave at the age of 16, he decided to dig deeper and become a part of the Drum & Bass and electronic music scene, by starting to deejay and network. In 2014 he founded his own label called ‘Fresh Recordings’ and the event series ‘Fresh’, inviting top artists to Vienna, Graz and Kufstein. From the beginning he explored several different styles of D&B, Neuro Hop, Dubstep and Bass House – released several EPs and singles on his own label ‘Fresh Recordings’ as well as on ‘Hanzom Music’ and ‘Moshbit Rec.‘ His sound always portraits a mix of his wild and his playful side, while delivering a new musical adventure with every song.